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  • Why does Bosch sell Fanfare Horns in sets?

    To maximize the horn sound, both a low-tone and a high-tone horn are used. Low tone is better for close ranges and the high-tone is better for farther distances.

  • Why does Bosch use EMC (Electronic Magnetic Compatibility) protection?

    More and more electronic technology is being used in today's vehicles. EMC is used in order to minimize the amount of interference and electronic disturbance to other electronic components.

  • Why does Bosch use corrosion resistant materials in its Fanfare Horns?

    All corrosion resistant material increase the product life. It helps protect the Fanfare Horn against the environment.

  • Why does Bosch use a Teflon Filter in its Fanfare Horns?

    The Teflon filter enhances the life of the horn by keeping out the dirt and humidity. It also acts to equalize the pressure that builds up when the horn is activated.

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