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Eikosha Air Spencer

 Air Spencer Cartridge

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Air Spencer Advantage-Unparalleled Technology for Longevity

Kyusutyuu, an absorbent material is an essential part of the perfume that keeps its fragrance. In 1980 when Air Spencer was released, we used compressed wood fibers. However, the development team thought that "there should be more materials that can prolong the fragrance." After several experiments, we arrived at the ceramic material.

Air Spencer Ceramic

Ceramic is excellent in sustained release properties, the fragrance lasts long. To effectively disperse the scents, some element of design and engineering are also being applied. We are the first company to apply top and bottom opening lid (while keeping the contents intact) for more efficient scent dispersion. Customers love this unique feature as they can enjoy the fragrance fresh and new all throughout the air spencer's life.

Stop Using Liquid-based Car Fresheners. Move to Air Spencer!

If you can still see liquid-based car fresheners, that means some companies are still producing outdated technology. Due to lack of absorbent materials, that also serves as a heat insulator, liquid-based car fresheners tend to dry out fast under extreme heat exposure. Bottles are also not good for the dispersion of scents. It needs moving air to give off a hint of its fragrance.

When cooling and condensation take place, It tends to absorb outside elements rather than release its contents. It will contaminate the car's fragrance even if the liquid freshener is still full. That explains the acidic and pungent scent most common in liquid fresheners after two weeks of use. Contaminated liquids inside the car attract fungus that could endanger your health.

Buy Genuine

Be assured of the product authenticity. Buy only from Azimuth. We guarantee that our Air Spencer products are genuine and imported from Eikosha LTD, Kyoto, Japan. We further guarantee that all products are fresh and ages not more than 3 months from the date of manufacture. 

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Buy Air Spencer at Lazada Philippines

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